PostCards Never Written
Janita Van de Velde
As we struggled to collect ourselves between the spells of raging rapids, our guide told us we could jump out of the boat and have a swim. In hindsight, I think he wanted some alone time. As we were about to throw ourselves overboard, he casually pointed out a crocodile sunning itself on the shore. Mercy. My one leg was already dangling in the water. I gently extracted it and planted myself back on my seat. I looked over to where he was pointing to, and sure enough, there it was - a big beast of a creature, luxuriously lounging on the warm rocks. Our guide claimed it was still safe to go swimming because crocodiles donít venture out into the middle of the river. He said they donít like to hang out in turbulent waters. How the hell does he know?
All images and text copyright Janita Van de Velde ©2007