PostCards Never Written
Janita Van de Velde
Within minutes, the next shark lunged up at the tuna head, and then dove down and slammed into the cage, sending it flying on its cables like a feather in the breeze. Seeing this vicious attack on the very thing that was supposed to protect them, the couple who had been first in line to get into the viewing cage muttered a string of obscenities, removed the wetsuits and graciously handed them over to the people behind them. Everyone was starting to look seriously ill, as we silently weighed the pros and cons of jumping into the cage:

PROS: get really cool photos before you die

CONS: probable anal leakage episode, painful limb removal, death, a grieving family and the sheer embarrassment of explaining your colossal stupidity to Saint Peter upon arrival at the gates of heaven.
All images and text copyright Janita Van de Velde ©2007